Report: Border Surge Still ‘In Progress,’ WH Policies to Blame

Center for Immigration Studies Director of Policy Studies Jessica Vaughan said that new numbers show the “surge” of illegal immigrant minors crossing into the US is “still in progress” and that the president’s policies are to blame on Tuesday’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Vaughan reacted to a report in the Washington Examiner that over 12,000 illegal immigrants under the age of 18 have crossed, saying the US is “on pace to see the second largest number ever to cross, if this trend continues — throughout the fiscal year, which most people in Border Patrol and other enforcement agencies expect to happen. This is supposedly the slow time of year, but already we have very high numbers of people coming, and it shows that the surge really never stopped. It just lessened a little bit.”

She added, “the cities and towns that have been struggling with trying to accommodate all of these kids over the last couple of years ought to brace themselves for the coming surge two that is already in progress, and it’s clear that people are still getting the message that there’s a huge incentive for them if they’re living here legally and they have kids back in Central America that it’s a good time to send them because the president is advertising that he is only having — interested in deporting criminals, that families will be allowed to stay. So, if they send for their kids, and have a smuggler bring them across they will be immune from deportation, at least that’s the message they are getting through the policies of this administration.”

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