Buchanan: ‘Very, Very Hard’ To See Cruz Winning General

Columnist Pat Buchanan said that while Ted Cruz’s conservatism is an “asset” for him in the primaries, it’s “hard” to see him winning the nomination, and “very, very hard” to see him winning the general election on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

“I think it’s an asset for him. He’s got a couple things going for him. One is, he is the most pure conservative out there, hardest-liner. Secondly, he has certain skills in terms of communication, and speaking, and charisma that can move an audience, and that’s a real asset in the Republican primaries” he stated.

Buchanan added, “I don’t know that you can say that he’s going to be the favorite, but I think he’s got a part of this party that he can hold on to, and — frankly you get into Iowa and New Hampshire, I think he could do well. It’s hard to see him going the distance because of the money problem.” And “he won’t get moderate votes, he won’t raise an awful lot of money, and if he were nominated it’s very hard to see how he puts together a coalition of 270 electoral votes, very, very hard.

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