SNL: ‘At Least One Clinton Has Learned How to Wipe Something Clean’

The “Weekend Update” segment on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” made fun of Hillary Clinton over her email server.

Host Colin Jost reported the claims Clinton wiped her email server clean and then quipped “so, at least one Clinton has learned how to wipe something clean.”

Jost also commented on Indiana’s religious freedom law, saying that stores that refused to serve people under the law would “have these helpful little signs” before showing a picture of a store with a sign reading “going out of business!”

Co-host Michael Che also made fun of Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, stating that after Cruz asked voters to imagine him as president he asked them to “stop laughing.” Although Che also joked about Senator Harry Reid’s (D-NV) retirement, suggesting that perhaps Reid’s injuries were not as the result of an exercise accident, but from being “roughed up by Senate bada** Mitch McConnell.”

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