SNL Has GOP Beaten Up Over Middle East Relations

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” had John Boehner, Tom Cotton, and Ted Cruz beaten up by President Obama over their actions regarding Middle East relations.

The sketch begins with the president meeting Boehner, Cotton, and Cruz in the White House. The president asks them why they invited Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, criticized the president’s leadership, and wrote a letter addressed to Iran, the three then defend their actions by mocking the president, with Cotton remarking “I’ve been in Washington three months, and I think I understand foreign policy better than you.” These cause the president morph into a Hulk-like figure “The Rock Obama,” who then, with poor grammar, asks the Republicans about their actions before throwing Boehner out of a window while saying that if he likes Israel, maybe he he should go visit, ripping Cotton’s hand off so that he can’t write any letters and telling him to leave (which Cotton obeys by jumping out of the window), and almost crushing Cruz’s head before the First Lady shows up and stops him. 

The First Lady then changes into “She Rock Obama” after a Secret Service agent informs her that vagrant that had been living on the White House grounds for months messed up her garden. She then rips the agent’s arm off and hits him in the head with it.

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