Fiorina: 90 Percent Chance I’m Running for President

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Sunday,” former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina said she is 90 percent ready to run for president in 2016 and she will not be holding her punches against Hillary Clinton.

Fiorina said, “Unlike Mrs. Clinton, I know that flying is an activity, not an accomplishment. I have met Vladimir Putin, and I that his ambition will not be deterred by a gimmicky red reset button. Mrs. Clinton, please name an accomplishment.”

She continued, “Hillary Clinton lacks a track record of accomplishment. she is not candid, which suggests her character is flawed. And I think now in e-mail gate, we have a situation where she is clearly not being candid. Her saying all those e-mails she erased were just her and Bill chatting is a little bit like Richard Nixon saying those erased moments on the tape were he and pat talking. That’s ridiculous. There’s more than that. I think there’s a competence issue. anyone in 2015 to say you can’t have two e-mail accounts on a single device obviously doesn’t understand technology. When she talks about we had secret service agents guarding our server, for heaven sakes we’re not concerned about the server being stolen. We’re concerned about the server being hacked.”

“It was part of the plan all along that the Clintons had. Look, I think it was very deliberate they had a private serve server. It was deliberate she used a personal e-mail account. It was a deliberate effort to shield her communications. I don’t quite know what the investigators can do at this point, but I know this, we need a nominee who will bring this up in the general election. The reason benghazi was not enough of an issue in the 2012 election is because unfortunately our nominee pulled his punches when he had an opportunity to remind the American people of the Benghazi tragedy and scandal.”

When Wallace asked,”So you won’t pull your punches?” Fiorina said, “Not now and not in a general election.”

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