Watch: ‘Meet the Press’ Panel Turns On Hillary Defender

Sunday on “NBC’s Meet the Press,” when Neera Tanden of Center for American Progress tried to defend Hillary Clinton scrubbing her email server clean, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, The Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker and host Chuck Todd immediately objected.

Tanden said, “Can we just step back a little bit and recognize that this whole thing started when Benghazi and the reason why we’re at this phase of this scandal machine is because they didn’t find e-mails they wanted to find showing she did something.”

Scarborough replied, “Come on, wait a minute. The emails were under subpoena at the time she destroyed them. And saying it makes perfect sense is like Pat Buchanan is saying it makes perfect sense that Nixon should have burned the tapes.”

Kathleen Parker protested “wait a minute,” saying it was only the emails Hillary selected that were turned over.

As the groans grew louder host Chuck Todd said, “OK gang up on Neera time. Let’s get the big picture. Doesn’t this play — look, I understand Republicans overreach, the Clinton’s are probably overprotective, but is that the stalemate that America is looking for in 2016?”

Tanden tried to insist it was the same old Clinton scandal obsession America is tired of.

Scarborough said, “We’re not obsessed about it. we’re asking a question. When you have emails and records that are under subpoena, you decide unilaterally to set up your own system and then decide that you’re going to wipe out the entire system.”

Todd had to call “time out,” to put an end the heated debate.

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