Scarborough: Obama Desperate for Deal; Will Give Iran Everything They Want

On Monday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough and his panel weighed in on the potential deal the Obama administration is attempting to broker with the Iranian government over its nuclear weapons program.

According to Scarborough, President Barack Obama is so desperate for a deal that it could mean giving the Iranians everything they want.

“The president is so desperate for a deal that at the end of the day he’s going to give the Iranians everything they want,” he said.

Politico senior foreign affairs correspondent Michael Crowley insisted Scarborough was wrong due to the fact the Obama administration wouldn’t be willing to take an embarrassing defeat in Congress that may include a successful override of anything Obama may veto that Congress would pass to negate that deal.

“Here’s why I think you’re wrong – because a deal so bad that he can’t defend it in Congress and therefore he gets a deal and it’s immediately shot down by Congress – that’s worse than no deal or a very weak deal,” Crowley said. “If he gets a deal, Congress is going to come stampeding toward it. I’m sure the calculation in the White House is where is the tipping point? How can we hold together enough Democrats to prevent a veto from being overridden. And at some point they say we can’t and the thing is going to go down in flames and we’re better off having been in front of that.”

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