MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: No Clinton Coronation, Calls for ‘Heated Debate’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show,” host Ed Schultz begged his fellow Democrats not to accept a coronation of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as their candidate for president in 2016, urging instead for a “heated debate” on all the issues.

Schultz said, “Let’s talk politics in 2016 for a moment. I think that Democrats deserve a heated debate before 2016, so what’s the hold up? We still don’t know where Hillary Clinton stands on fast track, the transpacific partnership as well. Her record shows she supported past trade agreements. She’s remained silent on the Keystone XL project and has yet to lay out her economic agenda. Things are different here in 2015 from what they were in 2007 and 2008. Clinton’s position could remain a mystery without debate the way things are going. She’s facing very little competition or questions from anybody on these issues.”

He continued, “What is Hillary Clinton’s economic plan and how are we going to find out if there’s no debate? Is Hillary Clinton for reducing the corporate tax rate? Is she going to go after Wall Street? Does she want to break up the big banks? What about these billions of dollars offshore that are going untaxed and not reaching the fair tax dollars of the United States treasury? If no one else runs, there’s a real possibility that these issues are going to be cast aside. It seems like the mainstream media doesn’t really pay much attention to what I just put out.”

He concluded, “This is not a shot at Hillary. I’m not against any candidate. I’m pro-issue and I’m all for debates. Is it possible that our vetting process in the liberal community could be a series of one on one interviews and then no debates whatsoever, and trade cast aside, and the environment cast aside without a heated debate that will give people a choice? How could this happen?”

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