Rush: Extension of Iran Talks Are Another Ignored Red Line

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said President Obama “backed off another red line” by allowing negotiations with Iran to continue on Wednesday.

“On the Iranian nuke negotiation, in case nobody’s noticed, and nobody in the media has, Obama just backed off another red line. Obama just drew a bright red line in the sand, daring the Iranians not to cross it, and they did. Obama had previously said that negotiations with Iran would not continue without a framework agreement by the end of business yesterday…well, guess what? The negotiations are continuing, and it’s April 1st. It’s no longer March 31st…this is much like the red line Obama drew for Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Nobody is intimidated. Nobody is the slightest–people are more afraid of Tim Cook than they are of Obama, at least our adversaries are” he stated.

Rush added that during the negotiations, Iran “is free to do whatever they want in Iraq and Yemen and elsewhere in the Middle East. And since we don’t or can’t oppose this, ’cause that might make them break off negotiations, they are free to continue to behave however they want. They hold the cards in this negotiation. You know what else they know? They know that Obama is not devoted to the principle that they will not get nuclear weapons. Obama doesn’t care that they get nuclear weapons.

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