Andrea Mitchell Questions John Kerry on Ability to Get Final Deal

Friday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Mitchell asked Kerry about Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who has publicly denounced the four-page framework put out by the White House.

Mitchell asked Kerry about Zarif’s unwillingness to even do a joint announcement with Kerry, saying, “He [Zarif] read a very boilerplate statement and the fact sheet that you and the president released is much more specific. If you couldn’t agree on standing up together and announcing together exactly what you’ve agreed on here, what makes you think in the next three months you’re going to actually come to an agreement?”

Kerry, admitting there are many “specifics,” still not agreed on, said, “Because there’s a great deal of difference for them between what happens now, and where this goes and what can happen when you have a final signature. And there are a lot of things that get worked out that are important to them in that context that don’t get worked out now in terms of limitations. We fully understand that and in fact, we discussed it at great length. There are internal documents that people are working with which are quite specific.”

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