Brooks: ‘Risky’ To Lift Sanctions on Iran During ME Chaos

New York Times columnist David Brooks argued that it is “risky” to cut a deal with Iran given the chaos in the Middle East on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour.”

“They’re spending all this money on Hezbollah, they’re sometimes in tactical alliances with al Qaeda. They are a radical regime. And so, I think what we’re doing is we’re — within a few short years, they’ll be pumping out oil, they’ll be a lot richer, their influence on the region will be greater, and the Saudis will have to counter — and I already think that the region is in the midst or the very beginning of what some people have called a 30 years war, a religious war, and allowing Iran to get richer and potentially nuclear in the middle of that 30 years war, strikes me as risky” he stated.

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