MMA Fighter Calls Out President Obama

Fairfax, VA

FAIRFAX, VA—Most fighters call out future opponents after a victory. Clay Guida called out the current president.

Clay “The Carpenter” Guida called out the president of the United States for ignoring “the fastest growing sport in the world” on the UFC’s Saturday stop in what the UFC featherweight calls Obama’s “backyard.”

“Mr. Obama, if you’re not too busy golfing or playing with your bracketology and your NCAA Final Four, or if you’re not handling or handling our nation’s important issues—hopefully you are—maybe come on over to Fairfax, Virginia, which is I think your backyard or sideyard, and watch the fastest growing sport in the world,” the president’s fellow Illinoisan explained at UFC Fight Night’s Saturday postfight presser. “And if you couldn’t be live at this one—I know a lot of fans would have liked to see him and his wife here—maybe you’ll make another one down the road.”

Guida spoke to clarify what he meant in a postfight spiel in the octagon in which he invoked the president’s name.

“It is the fastest growing sport in the world,” the tattooed, bouncing ball of energy insists. “It would be nice to see some of those bigger names—important people in our country—get behind it and support it a little bit more.”

Clay Guida

Attending a cagefighting event would be a presidential first should Obama take up Guida on his invitation. Theodore Roosevelt boxed for recreation as a young man, and Harry Truman attended a fight card on a Navy ship during his presidency. But the relatively new sport of mixed-martial arts has endured rough treatment from politicians. New York legislators, particularly disgraced ex-Speaker Sheldon Silver, continue to resist legalizing the sport in the Empire State and John McCain infamously referred to MMA as “human cockfighting” two decades ago.

The Carpenter’s visage buttressed such attitudes as his mouth rebutted them.

Guida, who looked like a carpenter hammered away at the left side of his face, actually dominated Robbie Peralta over three rounds. Guida repeatedly slammed Peralta, including on his head in a move that resembled a Rob Gronkowski spike except with a human being instead of a football, and showed the high-octane gas tank that has made the inked-up, wild-haired wrestler a fan favorite.

“My fights are very sloppy, not very technical by any means,” Guida confessed to Breitbart Sports after his victory. “We’re always on the gas peddle,” he said of wrestlers like himself, “always on the throttle. We don’t let up.”

The 32-15 fighter holds victories over Anthony Pettis, Rafael Dos Anjos, Nate Diaz, and Josh Thomson, and heard his name chanted on Saturday during matches in which he did not participate.

“The NCAA and March Madness?” Guida asked in reference to Saturday’s sports competition. “What about MMA Madness?”

Guida, who appeared to have many friends and family in tow, explained at the Patriot Center postfight press conference that he intended “no disrespect” in calling out President Obama in the octagon to someday watch a fight as he called out lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos to fight him again.

“I just wanted to let him know that we’re here in Fairfax,” the sport’s wooly-headed ambassador explained of his call out of the president. “We’re just down the road.”