ChiTrib’s Page: Jackie Robinson West Controversy Damages Baseball Inner City Effort

On Monday’s “All In With Chris Hayes” on MSNBC, guest and Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page commented on what Major League Baseball is doing in the inner city in order to create more fans by installing youth academies and speeding up the pace of play.

According to Page, Major League Baseball has been trying to create more inner city fans for a while, and the recent disqualification of the all African-American Little League World Series team, Jackie Robinson West from the Chicago area of the U.S. title for having players on the roster that reside outside of the geographical area represented by the team.

“This whole situation about the loss of inner city fans and young people, it is hardly new. I think it is part of the heartbreak of the Jackie Robinson West fiasco, if you remember. Somebody violated the rules there as far as residency was concerned, and the championship was taken away from them. That was a setback because that could have helped attract young people in the inner city.”

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