Gutfeld: Rolling Stone Was Tricked By Its Biases, Not ‘Jackie’

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld said that Rolling Stone was ” tricked by their own biases” not the accuser “Jackie” in their now-discredited UVA rape story on Monday’s broadcast of “The Five”

“The magazine says they were tricked by the accuser, but they were tricked by their own biases. They wanted to believe. You’ve heard the saying ‘it’s too good to be true.’ This story was too good to be fact-checked. And what of future victims, will anyone ever believe them? We used to hate hoaxes, but now, of course, they raise awareness. Even if it didn’t happen there at UVA, it probably happened somewhere. For if it’s credible, then truth is irrelevant. The boy who cried wolf is now the magazine who prints hoax. And to Jann Wenner, the owner, it’s just an honest mistake, until one day, it happens to him” Gutfeld stated.

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