Levin: Recognition of Israel’s Right to Exist ‘Fundamental’ in Iran Nuke Deal

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin argued that Iran’s recognition of Israel’s right to exist was a “fundamental” matter in the US’ negotiations with Iran on Monday.

Levin defended Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s request that any final deal with Iran recognize Israel’s right to exist, stating “so, Netanyahu’s saying ‘well, they [Iran] should at least, any part of a deal, recognize the right for Israel to exist.’ He doesn’t even say ‘as a Jewish state,’ just the right for it to exist.”

Levin then played a clip of State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf saying the agreement with Iran was “only about the nuclear issue,” and reacted “so if we have a country on our border, or close, let’s say it was Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and some deal’s being worked out with Cuba and the Russians are putting their nukes there, and you say ‘hey, look, look, look, we just want to control their ability to have nukes, get nukes. Well, Cuba should at least recognize our right to exist’ [we wouldn’t accept] ‘that’s a separate issue.'”

Levin concluded, “no, that’s the fundamental issue. Because if they don’t recognize the right of Israel to exist, then they believe they have right to make sure it doesn’t exist. This seems to me to be a threshold point.”

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