Chris Matthews Rails Against ‘God Damn’ Anti-Rand Paul Ads

Tuesday on MSNBC following Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) formal announcement that he would be seeking the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, “Hardball” host Chris Matthews discussed Paul’s position on foreign policy and criticized those who were using it against Paul, particularly in political ads.

“I think he laid down the fight here. He said the line is I’m not for nation-building overseas, I’m building bridges here. It is a charge from the neocons and the piggish money right here. And you talk about the big money, and talk about those who they are. These ads are not going from God. It is a rotten crowd that is hawkish that wants to fight more wars and do more regime change and nation-building. Let’s go through the list. They want to knock off Iraq and then Egypt and then knock off Syria and knock off Iran and they already did Libya. It has really worked well for us, hasn’t it? This continued effort to knock countries apart, create instability and chaos and say we’re going to create pro-Israeli democracy.”

The ads Matthews was referring to were ads from the so-called Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America.

“It is all nonsense,” he continued. “It’s always been nonsense. I think the regular Republican voter out there, not the piggish money money people, won’t stand for it. Look at the latest poll from Pennsylvania. A regular state. A pretty much a bit Democratic but not too Democratic of a state. Rand Paul is beating Hillary Clinton by a point. And all of this piggish machine, that is the term we used in the ’60s, and all of this money — all this money is trying to create a right-wing hawk for president may not sit too well for the average republican voter because the cloth-coat Republicans who send their kids to war are not the one who pay for the ads they are different. The ones who send their kids to war and come home maimed, those people are not impressed by these God damn ads. I wouldn’t talk about the ads, but I certainly wouldn’t put them on for free, Tom. That’s what we should stop doing. Stop running right-wing ads for free on our network.

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