Gutfeld: Mostly Agree With Rand, But He Has ‘Grad Student’ NSA Position

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld said that while he agrees with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on many issues, he thinks Paul has “the mindset of a grad student” regarding the NSA on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

“I do like and enjoy his willingness to engage cordially and try to persuade people who normally wouldn’t vote for him without slogans or platitudes, the fact that he’s going out there and doing that. I have a rule that if you can turn on the TV, and you can predict with 98% effectiveness who that person’s political affiliations are without hearing them, then I won’t vote for them. So, with him you might not know what he believes in by looking at him because he’s basically a different Republican” Gutfeld stated.

He added, “the stuff that bugs me about him is when he waves the phone around during a [speech] — to mock the NSA programs. What is your alternative to the NSA? It’s weird to see someone talk tough about radical Islam, which he did, and talk tough about the war on terror while celebrating the man, Edward Snowden who undermines those very efforts, you can’t be for one side and the other. And once you politicize national security by waving around a phone, you lose me. The NSA is not on anybody’s team, it’s not Republican or Democrat, it’s on America’s team. They separate us from death.”

When asked about how he squared his NSA position with his libertarian leanings, Gutfeld said “in order to be a libertarian, — you have to have a defense that’s willing to do almost anything to protect your freedoms…the way he talks about the NSA programs, the way he talked about Snowden, that is the mindset of a grad student, not a presidential candidate,” although he said he did agree with Rand Paul on a lot of issues and predicted he would change his mind on Snowden.

Later, he also wondered what Rand would suggest as an alternative to drone strikes to kill terrorists.

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