Cotton: Obama Is Giving Nukes to Fanatical Ayatollahs with ‘End Times’ Goal

This week on 102.9 KARN , Little Rock, AR’s “The Doc Washburn Show,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) was asked about the theology of the Iranian Ayatollahs who believe world chaos will start the “end of days,” which will bring a Shia messiah, called the “Twelfth Imam” to establish a global Islamic caliphate  more dangerous then the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Cotton replied, “As evil and wicked as the Soviet tyranny was, we could always count on Soviet leadership to be dedicated to national survival of mother Russia. I don’t think we can count on the Ayatollahs of Iran to be dedicated to that as opposed to a fanatical religious vision for the end times.”

Cotton explained it will cause a Middle East nuclear arms race, saying, “Moreover, the simple fact of Iran having nuclear weapons doesn’t merely raise the possibly that they could use those nuclear weapons against Israel or our troops in the region. It will also, you might say, compel, or at least encourage Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, even Turkey to get their own nuclear weapons. So we would then have the world’s most volatile region crossed with nuclear tripwires.”

He concluded, “Furthermore, any of those countries could ether willingly provide nuclear materials to terrorist groups, whether it’s Iran terrorist proxy Hezbollah or to Sunni groups like the Islamic State. And finally, these governments are not necessarily the most stable governments the world. As we have seen in the last four years, they could fall and nuclear materials could fall into the hands of terrorists like that. So letting Iran go nuclear isn’t just dangerous because Iran could attack us with nuclear weapons, it sets off a cascading chain of events that will ultimately, I fear, lead to not just perhaps a nuclear attack but maybe all out nuclear war.”

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