Van Jones: Except for Rand Paul, GOP Doesn’t Care About Minority Communities

This week on CNN’s “Newsroom,” former Obama “green czar” Van Jones discussed Rand Paul’s 2016 presidential bid and said the Republican Party “when it comes to people of color,” “Are not in touch,” and, “They don’t care about some of these communities.”

When host Carol Costello asked, “Paul made this concerted effort in the last year to reach out to minority communities. He’s met with community leaders after Ferguson. He’s backed legislation on voting rights and revamping parts of the criminal justice system. Effective strategy? Will it resonate?”
Jones said, “You know, the Republicans have a very tough branding issue when it comes to people of color. Since that they are not in touch. They don’t care about some of these communities. I think Rand Paul has been the big exception to that over the past couple of years.”

“He started off on a bad foot saying he wouldn’t support Dr. King on the Civil Rights Bill and that shocked a lot people and kinda forced him to look at how to relate better,” Jones continued. “He spoke out about criminal justice reform but there are other issues for young progressives when they look behind that, they are going to be concerned.”

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