Rush: Obama ‘Will Do Anything’ to Keep Iran Deal Alive

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh stated that President Obama “will do anything” to keep a deal with Iran alive because he cannot admit he made a mistake on Thursday.

Rush in reaction to a piece from John Hayward about Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei demanding that all sanctions be removed once a deal is signed, said “they [Iran] know he [Obama] cannot ever admit error. He’s a narcissist, it’s impossible. In his own mind, he can never be wrong. In his own mind he cannot ever have screwed up. In his own mind he cannot ever have made a mistake. And so no matter what happens, no matter what happens to this deal, if it continues to get torn apart, Obama will do anything, any concession, whatever to keep it alive because he can never arrive at the point where he would have to admit that it’s a bad thing to have done.”

Rush concluded, “he is now stuck, he cannot ever walk this back because he cannot ever admit that he might have made a mistake, or his negotiators did, or what have you. So, from this day forward, whatever the truth of this thing is is going to be made up and obfuscated by the regime because he must be covered up for.”

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