Cruz: Only Regret on Iran Letter is Not Signing as Big as John Hancock

Friday, in Nashville, TN at the 2015 NRA annual meeting, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said he had no regrets about signing a letter to the leadership of Iran explaining the Senate must approve any nuclear deal President Barack Obama makes with them to make it binding after the Obama presidency and lift the sanctions imposed by Congress.

Cruz said, “Some weeks ago, I joined with 46 other senators signing a letter that we sent to Iran, explaining under the United States Constitution there are only two ways something becomes a law. Either it is a treaty ratified by two thirds of the Senate, or a law passed by both houses of the Congress and signed by the president. Well the Obama White House went a little bit hysterical about that letter,” Cruz continued, “The only thing I regret is like John Hancock, I didn’t  make my signature bigger so that the Ayatollah could read it without his reading glasses.”

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