SNL Does Its Own Hillary Announcement

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” previewed Hillary Clinton’s upcoming presidential announcement in their cold open.

First, one of Hillary’s assistants suggests Hillary should tape her announcement video on her phone so it would be “more personal and intimate.”

Hillary then warms up by doing vocal exercises, which include her repeating “first female president.”

Hillary then, on her first take, menacingly says “citizens, you will elect me, I will be your leader.” After Hillary’s assistant suggests she should avoid referring to herself, Hillary then declares “’tis I Hillary Clinton.” The aide suggests a re-take, which isn’t a problem, because they can just delete the previous takes off her phone, which Hillary says she knows a thing or two about.

After Hillary says she wants to advocate for “women everywhere,” Bill Clinton walks over and says “did someone say ‘women everywhere?'” He later adds that if phones could have shot videos back in the ’90s “I’d be in jail.” Hillary responds to this by joking, “aren’t we such a fun, approachable dynasty?”

Bill then states “I will be her VP, and if anything happens to her, God forbid, I will happily be President of the United States again, it’ll be Bill Clinton 2, bigger and blacker.” Hillary respondes that Bill is joking because “my Vice President, of course, will be me.”

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