Goodwin: Hillary ‘Needs to Re-Invent Herself More Often Than Madonna’

New York Post columnist and Fox News Contributor Michael Goodwin declared that Hillary Clinton “needs to re-invent herself more often than Madonna” on Monday’s “Fox & Friends.”

Goodwin stated that according to one of Hillary’s confidants, “her whole plan was laid out. She would spend the first term of Secretary of State under President Obama, she would leave, write a book, and then run for president. So, the idea she’s been debating this, she wasn’t sure. There was all this speculation, would she or wouldn’t she, bull. She was running from the day she lost the last time. She’s never stopped running.”

Goodwin continued, “I think her problem is Clinton fatigue. In other words, that we are so familiar with them, so much drama with this family over the last 25 years, I say that she needs to re-invent herself more often than Madonna. She keeps looking for a new way to re-introduce herself, and we saw that in that little video yesterday. It’s, now she’s for middle class economics. I mean, as though the middle class is somehow not talked about, she’s the first one to discover this. I mean, good luck with that.”

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