Hillary Spokes: We’re ‘Frustrated’ With The Amount of Money In Politics

Karen Finney, Strategic Communications Adviser and Senior Spokeswoman for Hillary for America stated “we are all frustrated at the amount of money…that there is in campaigns” on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead.”

Finney said that the reported $2.5 billion Hillary is planning to raise “may be” a combination of campaign money and “other sources.” She continued, “I think we are all frustrated at the amount of money that there are — that there is in campaigns, but, look, the reality is — I don’t see her selling out to moneyed interests at all. And certainly, again, I would put to people that the first thing that she’s talking about is how we take care of everyday Americans, and sort of being a champion for everyday Americans, and talking about some very basic issues. And frankly, she talked about some of these issues, and talked about some of the issues around sort of, Dodd-Frank and the banks back in ’07. So again, these are not new ideas. And certainly, I believe we’re going to have the money that we need to run this campaign, and maybe we’ll take a look at some of these other issues later on in the campaign, but certainly, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that Hillary Clinton is president.”

Finney began by saying that Hillary’s discussion of the struggles of the middle class is “not at all” an admission that President Obama has failed on that subject, stating “one of the things that she talked about actually in the video is that — and she continues to talk about, that we’ve made progress but we’ve got to make sure people are able to do well and continue — and stay there, and continue to do well, and she talks about that in the video.”

She also argued that Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus’ criticism of Hillary’s announcement video was “an outlier,” and that while there are limits to what a campaign can communicate in the two minute video, there were important points made in the video that the campaign is not about Hillary, and that Hillary will focus on income inequality.

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