Krauthammer: Hillary Is ‘Easily Beaten’

Columnist Charles Krauthammer predicted that Hillary Clinton has less than a 50% chance of winning the presidency, and would be “easily beaten” by a “dynamic” Republican on Monday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

“I don’t expect her to win the general election. I think it’s close. I’d give her somewhere under a 50% chance, but I think if the Republicans can put up a dynamic candidate, they can — I think she is easily beaten” he stated.

Krauthammer continued, “I think it’s two things, actually. The first is the glaring inauthenticity, when people hear her speak, they go way back ’90s. They hear all the parsing of words, they hear the whole Clinton litany, and they get instantly fatigued. That’s for 39%. The other thing is she’s old, I don’t mean chronologically, I mean politically. She’s been around longer than anybody in the field, and there’s a sense that the country wants renewal, particularly after eight years of one party in power. Historically, if you go back to Eisenhower, only once has a party held the White House for two terms, and then won it again in the third.” He later added that Hillary faces the challenge of running “on the coattails of president who’s not popular.”

He concluded that the election outcome will ultimately depend on who the Republican Party nominates, and not Hillary.

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