Corker: Kerry Was Lobbying Against Oversight of Iran Deal Until Last Minute

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) said Secretary of State John Kerry was on Capital Hill lobbying against Congress getting the final word on any nuclear program deal with Iran until mid afternoon when the Administration finally realized the bipartisan support was overwhelmingly in favor of congressional oversight.

Host O’Reilly said the 19-0 vote of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was a “humiliation,” for the administration, and Corker added, “Today at 11:30 Secretary Kerry in a classified setting was pushing back strongly against this legislation. By 1:00, they realized what was getting ready to happen. This was a runaway train. We had significant support. They released their veto threat once they saw that we were way beyond the number of people it would take override a veto. This gives congress the right to disapprove. It’s a little bit different process, which is a heavy lift. We understand that. But to look at this, to let it lay before congress, give us the right to disapprove this, if we feel like it’s not something that will stand the test of time and to keep Americans safe.”

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