Coulter: Maybe People Should Have to Know the VP Before Voting

Columnist and author of “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican,” Ann Coulter argued that “maybe we could check to see if they can name the vice president before letting them vote” on Wednesday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

“I just think it should be — well, for one thing, a little more difficult to vote. There’s nothing unconstitutional about literacy tests. Instead, we have ballots being given in 124 different languages and I’m pretty sure Senate debates will not be taking place in Urdu. So, what are they voting on? And my main point is I would let Democrats do all of the vote theft they can get away with, but I would limit voting day to one 24-hour period” she stated.

Fellow guest Accountability Project Executive Director Nomiki Konst, argued back that people who are misinformed usually don’t vote, and argued that rather, there should be greater investment in civic education, and criticized Republicans for de-funding education.

Coulter responded, “until that happens, maybe we could check to see if they can name the vice president before letting them vote, and as for more civic education, that usually means the 12 years of Chinese-style propaganda in the public schools, which only means you are dumber than someone who has not gone to school.”

Konst said that having tests for literacy violated the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act, Coulter disagreed, and said that “fake literacy tests” were used by Democrats to keep African-Americans to vote, and that “those literacy tests are unconstitutional.”

Konst also agreed with mandatory voting and suggested people would become better informed. Coulter disagreed, stating “The reasons Democrats want this, is a completely ignorant voter better for the Democratic Party or the Republican Party? The Democratic Party.” After Konst said that ignorant voters help Republicans, Coulter said “well, weirdly though, you’re the one pushing for totally ignorant voters to vote.”

(h/t TPM)

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