David Brooks on GOP Beating Hillary: ‘No Question It’s Stacked Against Them’

In an appearance on CNN’s “The Lead” on Wednesday, New York Times columnist David Brooks, author of the new book “The Road to Character,” offered his thoughts on the way the 2016 presidential race is shaping up and how he sees the Republican Party faring in that upcoming election.

According to Brooks, there are things working against the GOP but he said he believed initially they would start out on a level playing field.

“There’s no question it’s stacked against them because every growing group in the country is a Democratic group,” Brooks sad. “If the electorate of the future was made up of 68-year-old white men in Florida, the Republicans would be doing awesome. But it’s not. But in the near-term, there are a couple of things helping the Republicans. First, the graying of the electorate is helping counterbalance the browning of the electorate. Second, the white working class is now shifting in the Republican direction. So, you’re seeing a lot of states with heavy immigrant populations, like Tennessee, Georgia, Texas — they’re not going Democrat like a lot of us thought. They’re turning Republican. So at least in the near-term, I do think the Republican nominee, whoever that happens to be, starts out on a level playing field. Over the long term, much better news for the Democrats.”

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