Graham: Hillary ‘Exposed’ to More Problems Coming on Email Scandal

Wednesday on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)  said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a potential bombshell problem on her hands if a business related email she sent to a State Department employee’s private account shows up and it was not part of the emails she turned over to the State Department.

Graham explained Clinton claimed to have turned over all business related emails and that all her emails sent to State Department employees were backed up on that persons .gov email.

Graham said, “Here is where she is most exposed. If you can find one email sent from her private account to a private account of a State Department employee that talks about business, then she is in trouble … She said she sent from her private e-mail account to people in the State Department, to their business account.  I am saying—did she send an email on her private account to someone else’s private account about business? Because that would undercut the narrative that everything left on the private server was just personal stuff related to the family.”

“They said that they erased all the e-mails because they were personal in nature. Everything that was business, they saved,” he added.

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