Hill’s Stoddard: Hillary’s Road Trip ‘Not Realistic,’ ‘Goofy,’ ‘Fake Stagecraft’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Hardball With Chris Matthews” columnist  for The Hill A.B. Stoddard said Hillary Clinton’s Iowa road trip was “not realistic” stage craft that came across “goofy” and “fake.”

Stoddard said, “It’s never about the voters when it’s Hillary Clinton, and the media presence quadruples the number of regular voters in the room. Those people have never seen so many members of the press. They’re intimidated. It’s not exactly relaxed. Even Hillary looks like she is counting the minutes until she leaves the room. So I think as soon as she actually has a platform with detail, she is going to be in better position. Right now she is taking notes about how is it going in college and what is your plan for afterwards? It’s not realistic. It’s all stage craft. It’s a little bit goofy.”

She continued “It look likes this funny thing where she is jumping out of a van and people are running around, and the people in the room with her are like seven people who look intimidated. it just looks really fake.”

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