CNN’s Zeleny: Wall Street Knows Hillary’s ‘One of Them’

CNN Senior Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny reported that Wall Street believes Hillary Clinton is “kind of one of them” and that one of the Wall Street donors he spoke to told him “she’s not scary to us yet, because we know she’s with us” on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Lead.”

When asked if Wall Street believes Clinton’s populist rhetoric is “just talk,” he responded, “They hope it’s kind of just talk. It’s a wink and nod right there.”

Zeleny continued, “the reality is, Hillary Clinton is not [at] the top of their enemies list. Elizabeth Warren is up there, even Barack Obama is higher than that. So, I think they know that she is kind of, one of them. She was the Senator who represented their interests and what not, but the question is on left. Is this talk going to be sufficient enough for the liberals on the left?”

Zeleny concluded, “I talked to a top Wall Street lobbyist, or a Wall Street donor, excuse me, who gives money, and he said ‘we’re watching what she’s saying. She’s not scary to us yet, because we know she’s with us.'”

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