Jason Zengerle: Jeb Will ‘Take Away’ ‘Clinton Fatigue’ Argument

New York Magazine Contributing Editor Jason Zengerle said that if Jeb Bush wins the GOP nomination it would “take away” one of Hillary Clinton’s “biggest flaws or perceived flaws,” the potential for voters to suffer “Clinton fatigue” on Thursday’s broadcast of “NOW with Alex Wagner” on MSNBC.

“I think one thing that would help Hillary Clinton in a campaign — a general election campaign with Jeb would be just the familiarity factor. I mean, the Clinton fatigue part goes off the table, she’s running against a Bush, she’s not running against a new face. I think that’s why Rubio is a concern for them. Because he has some of the same political attributes that Jeb has. He would bring Hispanics into it, maybe younger voters, but he’s a new face as well, and I think that kind of scares them, it concerns them. Because that reinforces a lot of her negatives. So, Jeb, he would bring to the table some things it would be hard for her to deal with, but he would take away one of her biggest flaws, or perceived flaws, which is, she’s just been around forever” he stated.

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