Pirro: DEA Head Lacks ‘Moral Compass’ and ‘Backbone’

On Saturday, the Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” host Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed DEA Chief Michele Leonhart over the scandal involving DEA agents participating in sex parties with drug cartels.

“Why someone this incompetent would be running the Drug Enforcement Administration is lost on me. This scandal not only speaks to her lack of a moral compass, but also to her lack of a backbone. Most of the women I know in law enforcement, especially the ones in charge, are some of the toughest broads out there. But this wimp says she can’t fire, she can’t discipline, she can’t take away their security clearances. But what she can do is build on and improve. Build on and improve what?” she stated.

Pirro added that if Leonhart “really wanted to make a difference [she] would go to Congress and get the law changed. But, then again, the law didn’t need to be changed…don’t you think that cavorting with cartel hookers would fall under conduct unbecoming a DEA employee? Or disrespectful/unprofessional conduct? Or improper association with a convicted felon or persons connected with criminal activity? Or unprofessional off-duty conduct?”

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