FBN’s MacDonald: ‘Clinton Cash’ Will Get ‘Second Look’ From Diplomats

Fox Business Network Stocks Editor Elizabeth MacDonald said “diplomats around the world are going to take a second look” at Peter Schweizer’s upcoming book “Clinton Cash” on Monday’s “Varney & Co.”

Macdonald said “Peter Schweizer has done groundbreaking work that almost changed legislation. For example, political intelligence on Capitol Hill where hedge funds and Wall Street shops were gaining political intelligence to front-run trade, and also there was a crackdown on Congressmen in their own accounts and their own financial affairs, whether or not they were benefiting from political intelligence. So he is, he’s detailed, he’s thorough, he is at the Hoover Institution. They are saying he’s a right-wing individual, but he is extremely detailed in his research.”

She added that “diplomats around the world are going to take a second look at this book,” and the book will be “campaign fodder.”

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