Halperin: Don’t Let Hillary ‘Intimidate’ Press From Reporting News

Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor Mark Halperin said “we shouldn’t Hillary Clinton and her people intimidate us” on Monday’s “With All Due Respect.”

Halperin, in a discussion on “Clinton Cash” said there will be an “iron triangle” between the mainstream press, conservatives who produce opposition research, and GOP operatives, although he didn’t see this problematic or wrong. He added that Hillary and her defenders will try to discredit the story, and “the proof should be in the pudding.”

Halperin concluded, “if there’s good reporting, if there’s stuff that’s worth telling the public about Hillary Clinton, we should do it. — We shouldn’t publish partisan screeds, and we shouldn’t Hillary Clinton and her people intimidate us.” Although he did agree that Hillary gets tougher reporting than everyone else.

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