Hannity: ‘Clinton Cash’ ‘A Far Greater Threat’ Than Hillary’s Comm Stumbles

Talk radio and Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity said that the forthcoming book “Clinton Cash” would be “a far greater threat” than Hillary’s communication stumbles with voters on Monday.

“It’s going to get very, very interesting. So, this is a far greater threat than the fact that her campaign has no confidence in her and can’t even put her out in public with real people because she doesn’t have the patience or the ability to be around a real person” he stated.

Hannity added, “she has spent her entire political life marked by scandal, crossing ethical lines day and night, believing that the rules don’t apply to her and her husband, and we saw this with the deletion of 30,000 emails, which was clearly wrong and probably illegal, and we see it too now in the growing scandal around the Clinton Foundation.”

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