Hillary Spokes: ‘Clinton Cash’ Based Off Our ‘Unprecedented’ Disclosure

Karen Finney, Senior Spokesperson for Hillary for America, argued that the forthcoming book “Clinton Cash” is based off the Foundation’s “unprecedented” disclosures on MSNBC’s “Now with Alex Wagner.”

“Having been through this routine before with the attacks, the right wing attacks…we are absolutely prepared for these attacks” she stated.

She added, “this whole book is about public disclosures, unprecedented, that the foundation makes. So, basically they’ve taken publicly available information, and kind of rehashed it into this sort of partisan sort of fantasy, and it’s not necessarily new information. And then we find out this afternoon that they’re shopping around different pieces to different media outlets like Fox and the New York Times, and that they briefed, in the New York Times piece it said, members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee — Foreign Relations Committee. Well, actually, so far, no Democrat that I’m aware of was part of that ‘briefing,’ and it seems that it was Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.”

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