Levin: ‘Clinton Cash’ ‘Very Serious Book’ on ‘Serious Issues’

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin dubbed Peter Schweizer’s “Clinton Cash” “a very, very serious book” on Monday.

Levin touted Schweizer, saying he is “sharp” and “knows his stuff.”

He then turned to the Clintons, stating it’s “sleazy” for politicians in general to use their positions to make money on the speaking circuit after leaving office, which he described as “endless shakedowns.” Levin added,  “it’s obvious it’s [Hillary’s speaking fees] a payoff, she’s not a particularly sharp thinker, she hasn’t really done anything of any significance.”

He concluded, “character matters and you [Hillary] have none.” And “I think this is a very, very serious book and these are serious issues, and more and more will come out as the book is made public.”

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