Rush: Hillary Candidacy Could ‘Seriously Damage’ Democrats

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, in reaction to the early reporting the forthcoming book “Clinton Cash,” argued ” as more of this stuff becomes known, her candidacy could seriously damage the Democrat Party” on Monday.

“Now, Schweizer has done the job that Drive-By Media used to do and still does on Republican candidates. If this were Mitt Romney, you wouldn’t have it written about as, ‘Enemies of Mitt Romney will likely be…’ You would have the Times already writing about how Romney’s disqualified. ‘Romney already may have been engaged in criminal activity! We demand investigations! We’re gonna conduct our own investigation into the Romney Foundation to find out how in the world he engineered his biggest donor to violate whatever sanctions in Iran'” Rush said.

He continued, “you do not give people this kind of money without expecting something back for it. Every political donation comes with expectations. But this, hundreds of millions of dollars from people who were allowed to violate our sanctions on Iran and help them with their nuclear plan? And you got people from Colombia who want to be able to do things in that country below board, and they’re gonna need powerful interests in the United States to look the other way while they do it.”

Rush concluded, “there are major expectations. She has to stay in. But in the process, as more of this stuff becomes known, her candidacy could seriously damage the Democrat Party. These shenanigans of hers, selling access — now we know why she deleted all these e-mails, to keep this stuff under wraps. The idea that she had to keep secret whatever the hell she was doing, yoga? As we first postulated a couple of weeks ago, maybe a month ago by now when this came out, I think this is shaping up be serious stuff, I really do.”

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