WSJ’s Geoff Foster: Tebow to the Eagles Makes Sense

The Wall Street Journal’s Geoff Foster appeared on “Happening Now” on Fox News Channel on Monday to discuss the Philadelphia Eagles signing quarterback Tim Tebow to a one-year contract. Tebow has been out of the league since 2012 but has been working with a quarterback coach to improve his throwing inefficiencies.

According to Foster, Chip Kelly’s offense actually fits Tebow’s skill set better than other places so he is a fit in Philadelphia.

“The style of offense they run under Chip Kelly, who was the coach at Oregon, is very much like a college offense where Tebow was obviously at his best and they use a mobile quarterback which Tebow certainly is. It’s sort of a good fit. It’s a good chance for him. I thought ‘That makes sense.’ If any team is going to take that gamble, it is the Eagles and Chip Kelly because he’s actually a fit there. He wasn’t a fit at the Jets all. They didn’t know how to use him. He’s very unorthodox, he is a lefty and can’t throw the ball well, which is kind of important for quarterback, but it could work in Philadelphia.”

ESPN’s Bomani Jones, however, thought Tebow to the Eagles was a ridiculous idea.

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