120-Pound Woman Downs Three 72-Ounce Steaks in Only 20 Minutes

Amarillo, TX

A tiny woman from Sacramento, California, has set a record by downing three 72-ounce steak dinners in only 20 minutes during an eating contest at a restaurant in Amarillo.

As a crowd gathered Sunday to watch, Molly Schuyler sat down to attempt a competitive eating milestone at The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.

Facing off against several other teams, Schuyler’s challenge was to eat three meals consisting of a 72-ounce steak, a baked potato, a shrimp cocktail, a dinner salad, and a dinner roll. With each meal totaling just under 5 pounds, Schuyler ate about 14 3/4 pounds of food in 20 minutes.

The challenge is one of those promotional offers seen at many restaurants. In this case the customer has 60 minutes to finish the giant meal. If eaten in the prescribed time it is free, otherwise the meal costs $72.

“Schuyler finished her first steak dinner in 4 minutes and 18 seconds, which beats the restaurant’s record of 4 minutes and 58 seconds, which she set last May,” The Dallas Morning News reported.

“We’ve seen a lot of things come through these doors but Molly … she takes the cake … she takes lots and lots of cake,” Bobby Lee, Big Texan co-owner, told the media after Schuyler performed her feat.

This isn’t the first time that Schuyler has tackled the big meal. Last year she downed two of the meals in only 20 minutes.

The amazing woman said that she decided not to dig in on a fourth meal because she was “sick of the taste,” but not because she was full. In fact, Schuyler said that she thinks downing a whopping four meals is “doable.”

“Four is totally doable, but five is almost unattainable,” Schuyler said.

Schuyler won $5,000 in the eating contest and also pocketed an additional $1,000 for eating the first meal the fastest.

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