Gibbs: Clinton Foundation Does Raise ‘Legitimate Questions’

Former Obama White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that there are “legitimate questions that ultimate are going to have to be dealt with” about the Clinton Foundation, although he didn’t think they had to be answered now on Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live.”

“Obviously they’re going to have to be addressed at some point, but I also agree that right now there isn’t as much of a huge controversy or anything around this. There’s certainly going to be some questions but they’re questions that they have time to answer. It’s not as if this is a story that’s on the tips of everybody’s tongue. The book [Clinton Cash] is out there, but I think there’s a lot of innuendo, the question is, is there quid and is there quo? And I think those are not necessarily things that we know the answer to, or need to know the answer to right now. So, I think what she’s doing that’s smart, she’s focusing on rolling out her campaign, and getting good local press and pivoting away from the attacks” he stated.

After host Thomas Roberts read a summary of the book by Think Progress, and asked Gibbs if Hillary would have to address the allegations “more forcefully,” Gibbs responded, “I think at some point, likely the campaign will first have to answer these things, if they get into the realm of something that I think is on a lot of people’s minds, or on reporters’ minds. What we don’t know again, from what you just read, is — we know we have this innuendo that there was a donation, and we have this idea that there weren’t powers that were exercised. The question is was it related to that donation? I don’t think one side has necessarily proven that to be the case, and I think the other side is not necessarily taking the time to answer it. Again, I think this certainly will certainly hall ave to come out because Republicans are going to make this — try to make this a big deal.”

Gibbs concluded, “the story that was in the New York Times yesterday mentioned that the New York Times and the Washington Post, along with Fox News, had entered into agreements with this author to use some of their research. The Timesthe Times story talked about — wasn’t glowing, but it certainly wasn’t disparaging of the author. So, it’s clear that they put some time and interest into what he has written, and the Foundation, obviously is a set of legitimate questions that ultimately are going have to be dealt with. I just don’t know that they have to be put away or dealt with today. I think what Hillary Clinton is trying to do is just slowly, and methodically roll out her campaign. And that’s what they’re focused on.”

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