Hillary Co-Chair: ‘I Don’t Know’ Where She Stands on TPP

William Shaheen, the Co-Chair for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in New Hampshire stated that he doesn’t know where Hillary Clinton stands on the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Tuesday’s “With All Due Respect” on Bloomberg.

When asked for Hillary Clinton’s position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), he responded, “here’s what I think — I think one of the things is she understands — that has to happen is we have to deal with the plight of the middle class. We have to rebuild the middle class, we have to retain good jobs over here — good, paying jobs over here, and we have to tax people who are taking jobs away from this country. And I think, when it comes down to that she’s going to vote the right way. She’s going to support the right issues, because she’s really a fighter for the middle class — and those jobs belong to the middle class.”

When pressed on Hillary’s position on the specific TPP deal, Shaheen said, “I don’t know where she stands on that particular deal.”

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