Jeb: Undecided on Lynch, But Her Confirmation Sounds Like ‘Victory’

Former Florida Governor and prospective presidential candidate Jeb Bush (R) stated that Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch should get a vote, and that while he isn’t sure how he would vote, her confirmation “sounds to me like a victory” on Tuesday’s “Michael Medved Show.”

First Bush clarified, “I said that they [Senate Republicans] should — they should have a vote. I think the president is deserving of a vote.”

When asked how he would vote on Lynch’s confirmation, Jeb responded, “I don’t know. I really don’t know. I think the important thing is getting rid of Eric Holder’s got to be a win.” He then added, “and if she’s qualified, and Holder leaves, that sounds to me like a victory. But I’ll let the sitting Senators make up their mind on that.”

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