Gutfeld: Earth Day Is About ‘Ego and Retribution’

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that Earth Day is about “ego and retribution” on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld began, “so, at an Earth Day thing at the National Mall, activists made an unearthly mess. I guess if your heart’s in right place, the trash can go anywhere.”

He continued, “it’s never about the earth, but ego and retribution. Take Bill Nye, the denial guy, bragging on Twitter about flying with President Obama today. See, for him, it’s all about status, the attention bestowed for parroting the right platitudes.”

Gutfeld also addressed President Obama’s declaration that “there is no greater threat to our planet than climate change.” Gutfeld said, “I call this the strawpocalypse, a mix of strawman and Armageddon. Sure, the earth’s end trumps everything, but with that absurd comparison, then we should devote nothing to present danger, and only fight future figments of imagination. It’s nuts. But Republicans must do better. If you say the science isn’t settled, then you cannot dismiss warming out of hand. You need to be persuasive, even when they mock you.”

Gutfeld concluded, “for most climate change activists, it’s less about carbon, and more about consumers and consumerism, and trashing the system that saves countless lives. For the Green movement believes that at the root of every evil is a beating human heart, their bile toward human enterprise is the howl of the nonproductive, nurtured on bitter slogans. ‘I’m here to help,’ they tell the earth. If the earth could talk, she’d say, ‘please, get lost.'”

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