Lanny Davis: ‘You’ll See Hillary Clinton Respond’ to ‘Clinton Cash’

Former White House Special Counsel to Bill Clinton, Lanny Davis declared “you’ll see Hillary Clinton respond on this matter” when asked if the campaign would respond to “Clinton Cash” on Tuesday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

Before the interview with Davis began, host Bill O’Reilly remarked that the Clintons have a ready defense for any criticism, blaming “the Clinton haters,” and that “they don’t admit mistakes.”

He then turned to the forthcoming book “Clinton Cash,” while O’Reilly said “the charges will have to be vetted,” he added, “one bad sign for Hillary Clinton, is that a character assassin, David Brock, is now being used by her campaign to attack the credibility of the book. There are few Americans lower than Brock, who is a known hater and smear merchant. If the Clinton campaign is going to use people like Brock, major problems will develop.” And that Hillary needed to “address” the controversies surrounding her.

O’Reilly then asked Davis (who noted that he was appearing in his personal capacity, and not on behalf of the Clinton campaign) if Hillary would respond to the charges made against her, Davis responded “they do respond, and they have to respond when there are questions raised, and you’ll see Hillary Clinton respond on this matter.”

He also praised the Clinton Foundation as a foundation that “did a lot of good around the world, [with] the transparency of every donation published on the Internet.”

Davis later stated, “we don’t have a single fact, nor does Monica, other than talking about smoke, and where there’s smoke, — and where there’s smoke, Monica, there may be no fire, that Hillary Clinton would never take any official action, as long as I’ve known her, because somebody contributes — or some nation contributes money to a foundation that does good works throughout the world.”

O’Reilly then said to Davis, “let me ask you about this David Brock. I mean, this is ridiculous. And you just heard Podesta say that august, diminishing the conservative website This guy runs Media Matters. There is no worse piece of garbage on this planet than Media Matters. So, Podesta, he doesn’t have any, any right to disparage anything. Doesn’t that disturb you that this is an acolyte of Hillary Clinton?”

Davis responded, “I happen to think that David Brock is a good guy, and you don’t. So, we just have a disagreement about David Brock.”

He concluded that Hillary “would never trade the honor of being Secretary of State for any contribution.”

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