Steyn: For Earth Day ‘Mothball Air Force One’

Columnist and author of “The Undocumented,” Mark Steyn proposed that a Republican presidential candidate suggest we “mothball Air Force One” for Earth Day on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Joyce Kaufman Show” on WFTL.

“I would love it on Earth Day if a Republican candidate said ‘you know what, I’m going to mothball Air Force One. Because since 9/11, every single American has to be degraded when they go to the airport at Miami, or Atlanta, O’Hare, LAX, and shuffle shoeless through this long line like a refugee camp. Have corrupt TSA agents poking around in their underwear, on the basis that if they do that, every single commercial flight is safe. And if it’s safe, then the political class should be on there too'” he stated. And “I’d vote for the first guy who said ‘I’m mothballing Air Force One. And — I’m going to be a real citizen executive again.'”

Steyn continued, “the idea is that Obama needs the plane, and Bill Nye the Science Guy needs the plane, and Leonardo DiCaprio needs the plane. But you don’t need the plane, cause you’re just a schlub and you can be standing on the street when it’s pouring with rain and waiting for the number 37 bus…because you don’t need it, but Leo DiCaprio, and Obama, and Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Al Gore, and all the other big shots, they need it, but you don’t, you can be on the bus. It’s an elitist thing.”

He concluded, “the reality is, what they’ve actually done, people talk — they come up with this phrase about ‘climate deniers’ and all the rest of it. They’re the ones who actually deny science. They basically took a jackhammer to a thousand years of sane scientific observation of natural climate variability of the Medieval Warm Period when they were making wine in Greenland, and then the Little Ice Age, when they were skating on the Thames in London, and they eliminated all that.”

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