ESPN’s Cowherd: HBO Not a ‘Liberal Network’

During Thursday’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” on ESPN, host Colin Cowherd responded to an email from a listener in response to the Chris Rock baseball rant on HBO on why blacks and baseball are not a fit.

Cowherd stated that he thinks HBO, who employs Bill Maher, John Oliver and Bryant Gumbel, is not a liberal network, but rather a smart network.

“I don’t think of HBO as a liberal network. That’s what Tea Party people do. I think of HBO as a smart network. I never once thought of HBO? It’s MSNBC. No it’s not. No it’s not. I don’t think that. MSNBC, way left. Fox, right. I don’t think HBO left. I think HBO’s smart. ‘Well, they got Bill Maher.’ So? Yeah, Bill Maher’s an hour show once a week.”

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