Robert Zimmerman: Hillary Critics ‘Stoned In Their Parents Basement’

Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman dubbed Hillary Clinton’s critics “people sitting stoned in their parents’ basement hate-mongering on Twitter” on Thursday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“I don’t know if you were drinking from a fire hose. Some of those folks must have been drinking something else. I guarantee it wasn’t water, based upon some of the reports I heard. Because, if you also consider in your analysis, Megyn, TIME magazine, for ABC News attacking this book [‘Clinton Cash‘] for a lack of evidence and a lack of support for their facts. The Wall Street Journal, a year ago, doing an analysis whether corporate donors got favoritism from Secretary Clinton because they gave to the foundation. They determined that wasn’t true” Zimmerman stated.

Zimmerman then argued “this issue of the Russian company acquiring uranium mines began during the Bush administration. It didn’t start during the Obama administration.” And that the donations “had no bearing at all on the fact — the idea that this Uranium One company was acquiring United States mines.”

He was then asked why the Clintons didn’t disclose these donations, he stated, “they did make technical corrections on their reports,” and that the donations were disclosed on the foundation’s website and other IRS reports.

Zimmerman then declared “unlike George W. Bush, who raised $500 million for his presidential library without disclosing one donorm and raised this money while a sitting president, Bill Clinton disclosed every donor to his presidential library. He did that when Secretary Clinton became Secretary of State, and the Clinton Foundation has set a standard that no former president has set for transparency and full disclosure.”

He concluded, “there’s obviously going to be some people sitting stoned in their parents’ basement hate-mongering on Twitter who would want to believe that Hillary Clinton would compromise our national security for a couple of speaking fees.”

After anchor Megyn Kelly pointed out that many on the left were criticizing Hillary, Zimmerman responded, “she’s also being defended, and the book is being trashed by mainstream media, like I mentioned. Even the Wall Street Journal said they saw no example of favoritism to corporate donors.”

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