Maher: Maybe There’s a Scandal, But Schweizer Worked for Palin and She’s Stupid

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher said that while “I’m not saying there’s not a scandal there,” over the Clinton Foundation’s dealings “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer worked as an adviser for Sarah Palin, who is stupid on Friday.

“Apparently, there’s a new book out called ‘Clinton Cash.’ It alleges the Clintons were using their charitable foundation. They got money from that, and then the foreign interests would somehow get Hillary Clinton to make decisions based on their needs as Secretary of State — she was at the time — whatever the f*ck. Hillary says she has not read the book, but it’s on her computer, and she can’t wait to delete it. I tell you this, a couple more months of boring, vague Hillary scandals, we are going to be begging Bill Clinton to get blown by a intern again” he stated.

Maher added, “I’m not saying there’s not a scandal there, but, you know what, the author, this guy named Peter Schweizer, he’s a former policy adviser to Sarah Palin. He was the one who explained to her that the blue stuff on the maps was water. I don’t know if the Clintons are hiding anything, but if I advised Sarah Palin on foreign policy, I would concentrate on burying that.”

Maher later said, “what’s going on, meanwhile, in the presidential race, I must say, is horrifying. It was bad enough when two small states like New Hampshire and Iowa were making the decisions as kingmakers. Now, it’s like, we’re down two billionaires, who are doing this the Koch Brothers…[and] Sheldon Adelson.”

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